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Nearsighted (Myopia)

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Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of three common refractive errors typically corrected with glasses or contacts. This refractive error creates blur at distance, as the shape and length of the eye causes light rays to be refracted in front of the retina. Increasing amounts of myopia not only leads to increased
difficulty seeing, but other secondary complications may occur including: retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration, glaucoma, or pre-mature cataracts. All of which have the potential to lead to devastating vision loss.

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is very common. One out of two people (50%) have it.


Myopia is becoming a global epidemic and is being studied intently. This process aims to significantly slow myopic progression, therefore reducing the risk of further complications. These options do not reverse the amount of myopia that already occurred, but today’s research has demonstrated that there are a few choices for successful treatment.

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1. Atropine Therapy: a low-dose prescription medication formulated through a compounding pharmacy used once daily in both eyes to help keep the focusing muscles in a more relaxed state. Glasses or regular contact lenses would need to be worn throughout the day.

2. Multi-focal soft contact lenses: a dualfocus lens design that would be worn daily during waking hours instead of glasses. Your doctor will take all parameters into consideration to select the appropriate design for your child.

3. Orthokeratology: custom-made hard contact lenses that are worn while sleeping
for a minimum of six hours which are used to “mold” the front surface of the eye. No glasses or contacts would need to be worn throughout the day.

*All treatment options are well studied and considered equally effective.
* Not all methods can be used for each child, your options will be discussed by your doctor.

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