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Back To School: Your Teen And Contact Lenses

Teenagers often ask us about switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses, and there are several great reasons for getting your teen into prescription contacts.

  • Freedom: Your teen may simply be tired of wearing eyeglasses, especially thick frames that slip and slide down the bridge of his or her nose.
  • Sports: Glasses don’t mix well with active sports. They can fall off. Even worse, they can break, leading to injury. Repairing or replacing broken glasses is also costly. And glasses don’t provide the peripheral vision needed during game play. The good news is that quality contact lenses solve those problems.
  • Glasses-free look: Remember your teen years? Were they awkward or smooth sailing? Maybe a mix of both! In any case, your teen may simply prefer the way he or she looks and feels without glasses.
  • Eye color change: Today’s natural–looking color contacts are very popular among teens. And they’re safe–so long as they’re prescribed by an eye care professional.


Talking About Contacts With Your Teen: Important Topics

Contacts are medical devices.

Annual contact lens exams ensure contact lenses are medically safe for your teen to wear and must be properly fitted by an eye care professional.

Consider daily disposable contacts.

Clean contact lenses are key to helping keep your eyes healthy. Daily disposable lenses or “dailies” are worn for the day and thrown away before going to sleep.

Glasses are always a must! Yours eyes need to rest and breathe normally, there is always a chance for infection or eye trauma, allergies and irritants can make contact lens wear unbearable, and unexpected incidents can always occur. As a rule-of-thumb, every contact lens wearer should have an updated pair of eyeglasses, period.


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